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Welcome to Petrofac Supply Chain Department's Vendor Registration Portal. We at Petrofac believe that our vendors are as important as our customers. In order to know you better, we invite you to register with us. We look forward to a long term and fruitful business relationship with you.

Please note that information which you provide to Petrofac in this portal will be used only by Petrofac group of companies for the purposes set forth herein, and will not be disclosed to any outside party. Provision of this information and our acceptance of your profile does not guarantee that we will provide you with an opportunity to bid, nor your eventual selection as a qualified / approved vendor. Petrofac Supply Chain department will carefully consider the data provided herein while evaluating our procurement requirements and will contact you for further information, if required. However, we reserve the right to make all procurement decisions at our sole discretion.

Petrofac Supply Chain Department.


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